"When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it."

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Broken Wings.

23 months ago I was both very scared and very excited for the future that we shared ahead of us. For me, I did not know what to expect in this relationship. Happiness for sure, but I also looked forward to the harsh parts of a relationship that people usually try to avoid. Instead I wanted to embrace those moments. In life, every person will experience days of glory and days of hardships. The struggle that a person faces only makes them stronger in the long run and will help them overcome new obstacles that lay ahead of them. No, I am not in this relationship to continuously fight, argue, or bicker at one another, but what I want from those days of conflict is to see if we would be able to break out of those low’s and bring us back up into the high points of our relationship. The days that we can achieve victory over our low points are a testimony of how strong our relationship is. Sometimes it gets bad, and when I say bad, I mean.. it’s like watching a small ember in the woods become huge waves of forest fires with no telling of when these flames will come back down to rest. In the end, all that is left behind is mass destruction. Even in our relationship, once the fire is gone, we have the choice to pick up the pieces and replant new trees or leave the destruction as is and walk away. My relationship with you is strong. In my opinion, and I am not trying to be biased, we are one of the strongest couples that I have seen. What makes me happy about this relationship is that it is not sugar coated with bullshit nor is it solely based around being happy all the time. This relationship is real, this relationship is human. The butterflies are still there and no matter how battered up or broken the wings may get, they’ll always be around. In the end, we will be there for each other to mend their broken wings so these butterflies can fly again. 23 months ago, the future I saw with you was at the altar. Whether we make it there or not is still a mystery, but I am confident that if we continue to invest in each other, we will make it. I am not in this relationship for short term satisfaction or for the sole purpose of being in a relationship. I am in this relationship because I see you in my future, want you in my future, and could not be more motivated and inspired to live an impactful life without you by my side. We cannot understand happiness unless we experience the struggles. The conflicts mold us to be stronger, and I wouldn’t want to be in these situations with anyone other than you. No matter the good, no matter the bad, I will always love you. Happy 23 technical months. 

I believe that if our generation can continually inspire and empower the youth, they can be the positive change we’ve been wanting to see in the world. Give the next generation the opportunity to do good and they will show you that they can be great.